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The literature project, known for short as land surveying , has the official title of land surveying. Austrian library after 1945. Forgotten, permanent, future. Formerly Austrokoffer and is a compilation of Austrian literature published on the occasion of the anniversary year of the Republic of Austria in 2005 (50 years of the State Treaty, 60 years of the Republic, 10 years of joining the EU) . The project also became known under the unofficial title Austrokoffer .

Scope and publisher

Thanks to government funding, it is comparatively inexpensive (€ 50) despite its size. The editor is Günther Nenning , Milo Dor , Marie-Thérèse Kerschbaumer , Anna Mitgutsch , Robert Schindel and Julian Schutting are co-editors . In 21 volumes on approx. 8000 pages, the collection provides examples of the work of 139 Austrian authors since 1945, 16 of which are novels, two volumes are short stories and one each is poetry, plays and essays. The cardboard case that encloses the 21 volumes, like the spines of the individual volumes, was illustrated by Peter Pongratz .

Project review

Shortly after this project, then known as Austrokoffer , became known in August 2004, resistance arose , especially from some well-known critical authors. For example, Friedrich Achleitner , Ilse Aichinger , Elfriede Jelinek , Gerhard Roth , Michael Scharang and Marlene Streeruwitz announced that they would not provide any texts. The criticism was primarily based on the fact that the Austrian Federal Government and Federal Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel were named as the initiators of the project and that the authors were to be used to “celebrate” the government.

In addition, the meaning of the project, which is reissuing novels that are already available, was questioned, the question of political independence from art was raised and the whole thing was discussed extremely controversially in authors 'associations such as the interest group of Austrian authors and the Graz authors' meeting .


"Worse than not being printed is being published by Nenning."

- Michael Scharang


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