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Lee Castle (* 28. February 1915 in New York City as Aniello Castaldo ; † 16th November 1990 in Hollywood (Florida) ) was an American jazz - trumpet player and bandleader of the Swing .


Lee Castle began his music career in 1935 with Joe Haymes ; then he worked for Artie Shaw (1936, 1941), Tommy Dorsey (1937-41), whose father he had lessons. He was a founding member of Jack Teagarden and His Orchestra in 1939 , then worked with Glenn Miller (1939), Will Bradley (1941) and Benny Goodman (1943). In the same year he worked on the music film Stage Door Canteen . As early as 1938 he put together his own short-lived band and worked several times in the 1940s with his own formations, with which he made recordings for Musicraft and Epic Records .

In 1953 he returned to the orchestra of Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey ; after Tommy Dorsey's death in 1955 he became deputy director, after Jimmy Dorsey's death in 1956 he became director of the ensemble that was now called The Jimmy Dorsey Band Directed by Lee Castle . He held this position until the 1980s.


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