Leon VI (Armenia)

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Bust of Leon VI. of Armenia in Saint-Denis

Leon VI (* 1342 ; † November 29, 1393 in Calais ) was Leon V, the last king of Lesser Armenia to rule there.

His father was Johann von Lusignan († 1343), constable and regent of Lesser Armenia, from the Lusignan line , a son of Amalrich of Tire and grandson of Hugo III. of Cyprus . His mother was Soldane, the daughter of King Giorgi V of Georgia . Leon was a paternal nephew of King Constantine IV of Lesser Armenia (alias Guido von Lusignan ), who he succeeded in 1374.

As early as 1375 his country was conquered by the Mamluk Sultanate of Cairo . Leon was overthrown as king and his country was annexed by the Mamluks . He himself remained a prisoner in Egypt for the next seven years until King John I of Castile released him in 1382. He died in 1393 as a personality at the court of King Charles V of France in Paris . King Charles VI. had him buried in the Celestine Monastery , the necropolis of the House of Orléans. The French Revolution survived only the grave disk. In the 19th century he was the only non-French king to have a mausoleum built in the cathedral of Saint-Denis .


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predecessor Office successor
Constantine VI King of Lesser Armenia
from 1375 titular king
Jacob I.