Levin Friedrich von der Schulenburg

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Levin Friedrich von der Schulenburg , since 1786 Count von der Schulenburg , (* June 23, 1738 in Burgscheidungen ; † March 26, 1801 ibid) was the Electoral Saxon Privy Councilor and heir, feudal lord and court lord on castle divisions and church divorces as well as Kleinliebenau .


Burgscheidungen Castle , home of Levin Friedrich's parents

Levin Friedrich (IV.) Was the son of Levin Friedrich (III.) (1708–1739), who inherited an extensive property complex with castle and church divisions from his godfather. Against numerous lawsuits from his relatives from the Schulenburg family , he was able to assert this property and build a representative baroque palace in Burgscheidungen. Levin Friedrich was born in this castle in 1738, and out of gratitude he received the first name of the man to whom this extensive property was owed. In 1739 his younger brother Moritz Heinrich von der Schulenburg was born. But in the same year the father suddenly died as a royal Polish and electoral Saxon district commissioner of the Thuringian district. So his mother Henriette Elisabeth born. von Hessler raise him and his siblings alone. His guardian Rudolf von Schönfeldt acquired the entire manor of Kirchscheidungen for him in several stages until 1748 .


In 1771 he married Mariane Wilhelmine Countess von Bose , the daughter of the Electorate Chamberlain Count Friedrich Carl von Bose (* May 23, 1726 - June 21, 1767 in Dresden) and his wife Countess Juliane Wilhelmine von Putbus from the Einsiedelsburg house (* 29. January 1728 in Putbus / Rügen; † December 23, 1798 in Dresden). The Secret Council Friedrich Wilhelm August Carl von Bose was her brother. From this marriage there were four children:

⚭ Anna Charlotte Ferdinande von der Asseburg (1778–1805)
⚭ Juliane Charlotte von Bose (1749–1815)
  • Malthe Alexander (1776–1807), Canon of Merseburg
  • Ludwig August (* December 8, 1777; † May 29, 1826), Chamberlain ⚭ Auguste von Bünau (1782–1826)
  • Wilhelmine Luise (* December 15, 1772; † May 27, 1846) ⚭ Count Friedrich Lebrecht Sebastian von Nostitz-Wallwitz (1773–1836)


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