Lexicon of eminent chemists

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The Lexicon of Eminent Chemists is a dictionary of around 1,600 chemists . It is the only German-language lexicon to date that deals exclusively with this group of people.



The 1592 people taken into account are listed from antiquity to the 1980s. In addition to chemists, scientists from physics , mineralogy , pharmacology and biosciences are also included, insofar as these persons have made contributions to the development of chemistry. Chemical engineers , industrial chemists and alchemists were also considered . Chemists are underrepresented: only Marie Curie , Cleopatra , Maria the Jewess , Ida Noddack , Marguerite Perey , Gerty Cori , Dorothy Crowfoot-Hodgkin , Rosalind Franklin , Margit Rätzsch , Rosalyn Yalow , Irene Joliot-Curie and Stanislawa Witekowa were taken into account (i.e. a percentage less than 1 percent).

Structure of the article

The articles contain the dates of life, the educational path, the special achievements and a brief description of the works. All contributions are signed with the abbreviations of the editor. If the people are usually known by different names, a reference is made to the main article.


Pre-bound is a two-page collection of important data on the history of chemistry from 1520 Paracelsus to 1982 De Bao Wang . Preface (page 5), abbreviations (page 6), articles from Emil Abderhalden (page 7) to Felix Zymalkowski (page 469). Nachgebunden are Nobel laureates of chemistry , medicine , physics from 1902 to 1987 by Kurt Alder to Richard Zsigmondy . The name, the year and the area are given.


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