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The district Liepe of the municipality Rankwitz on Usedom lies in the interior of the peninsula. The Lieper Winkel island landscape is named after him . Liepe has the oldest documented church building on the island and is one of the first places in this region to be mentioned in a document.


Liepe was in 1187 for the first time as said by the Slavs "Lipa" place in a deed of Anastasia, the widow of Pomerania -Herzogs Bogislaw I called. She later left the area to the Premonstratensian monastery Grobe near Usedom (city) , which was moved to Pudagla in 1309 . According to historians, the deed of donation refers to the entire peninsula, but all other villages are only mentioned explicitly in later documents.

At the end of the 13th century there is still talk of impenetrable forests that the monks had to clear in order to develop the area. Incidentally, Liepe shares the fate of the island of Usedom among the Pomeranian dukes, the Swedes in the Thirty Years War and the Prussians after 1720.

In a first census in 1541, Liepe was the second largest community in Lieper Winkel after Grüssow with 12 heads of household (9 farmers and three köttern ) . After looting and the plague in the Thirty Years War there are only 8 heads of family left in 1666. The large Swedish inventory of 1693 counts 10 people ( mayor , priest farmers, office farmers, pastor and sexton).

In the middle of the 18th century, the Prussians tried to cultivate mulberry trees for silkworms near Liepe . Today none of this is understandable.

From 1896 to 1898, the only street, partly designed as an avenue, was built through the Lieper Winkel that integrates Liepe. With it the network of land routes was completed.

On July 1, 1950, the previously independent communities Grüssow and Reestow were incorporated.

After 1990, moderate tourism developed in the region. In Liepe, day trippers prefer to visit the church, as well as hikers and increasingly cyclists to the surrounding villages.

Worth seeing

Church of St.Johannes in Liepe
  • The church of St. Johannes , first mentioned in 1216, is the oldest documented church building on the island of Usedom. In it is the only pulpit altar on the island of Usedom. Some contemporary sculptures by local artists can be seen in the parish garden.
  • Village with thatched -gedeckten houses and loam frame
  • Cycling and hiking trails to Grüssow , Reestow , Quilitz and the Krienker See.

Sons and daughters of the place

  • Karl Meinhold (1813–1888), Lutheran theologian, cathedral priest and superintendent in Cammin, leader of Neuluthertum
  • Oskar Eggert (1896–1974), teacher and historian, spokesman for the Pomeranian Landsmannschaft
  • Reinhard Schwarz (* 1929), Protestant theologian, professor of church history in Munich

Individual evidence

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