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About 23,000 varieties of the tomato species ( Solanum lycopersicum ) are listed here.



The list is sorted alphabetically according to the variety name. Letters with diacritical marks are treated like the corresponding basic letters. Order: 0aAáÁàÀäÄsSßt. (The Wikimedia table sorting does it a little differently, it sorts accented letters behind the normal alphabet.)

Variety names

The variety names come from several languages ​​and are not (yet) standardized. Useful heading rules are still being sought.

Sketch of rules for the use of the variety names

Multiple names:

  • The documented unit is the variety, not its name.
  • The names are put in the singular.
  • If there are German variety names, these are used as a preferred name.
  • If several names are known for the same variety, the subordinate names are added in brackets and, if necessary, separated from one another by a period.
  • In order to avoid confusion with compound names in brackets, the subordinate names in brackets are introduced by "or:".
  • Subordinate names do not have their own entry.

Regardless of all common spelling rules :

  • All names are set in the Latin alphabet and are transcribed accordingly for other initial spellings. However, so far not according to uniform transcription rules.
  • The first letter of every word in the variety name is capitalized, everything else is lowercase.
  • The genitive apostrophe in English variety names is retained.
  • Letters and numbers are separated by a space . Exception: "F1".

Common parameters

The following parameters are frequently used in the "Description" column:

  • "Fruit:"
  • "Fruit weight:"
  • "Origin:"
  • "Maturation period:"
  • "Type:"
  • "Breeder:"

Ripening time

The ripening time is the time in days between the release of the young plants in the field, in Central Europe from around May 20th, until the first fruits ripen.


The names of the breeders are also put in the Latin alphabet.


Individual evidence is given as usual; the mass proofs come from the following internet sources:

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