List of Japanese fighter pilots in World War II

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The list of Japanese fighter pilots in World War II includes fighter pilots of the Japanese Air Forces ( Imperial Japanese Army Air Force and Imperial Japanese Navy Air Force ) in World War II, which lasted from 1939 to 1945, who had at least 40 kills.


The table contains information on

  • Names
  • Rank
  • Number of confirmed aerial victories (L)
  • Awards
  • Air force affiliation (army or navy)
  • date of death

Note: The list can be sorted : By clicking on a column header, the list is sorted according to this column, clicking twice reverses the sorting.

Surname image rank L. Award Air force date of death
Nishizawa Hiroyoshi Hiroyoshi Nishizawa.jpg Kaigun-chui 87 marine October 26, 1944
Iwamoto Tetsuzo Tetsuzo Iwamoto.jpg Kaigun-chui 80 Golden consecration marine May 20, 1955
Jōbō Ryōtarō Rikugun-taii 76 army September 13, 2012
Fukumoto Shigeo Heisōchō 72 marine December 1945
Sugita Shoichi Shouichi Sugita.jpg Kaigun-shōi 70 marine April 15, 1945
Sakai Saburō Sakai cockpit A5M.jpg Kaigun-chui 64 marine September 22, 2000
Okumura Takeo Takeo Okumura.jpg Heisōchō 54 marine September 22, 1943
Sasai Junichi Ens Junichi Sasai May1941.jpg Kaigun-shōsa 54 Golden consecration marine August 26, 1942
Anabuki Satoru Satoshi Anabuki.jpg Rikugun-sōchō 51 army June 2005
Ōhara Ryōji Heisōchō 48 marine
Nakada Yoshihiko Heisōchō 45 marine
Ozaki Nakakazu Rikugun-taii 40 army December 27, 1943
Kamito Sumi 40 army

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