List of American fighter pilots in World War II

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The list of US fighter pilot in World War II fighter pilots of the Air Force of are the United States ( United States Army Air Forces , United States Navy , United States Marine Corps ) in listed from 1939 to 1945 permanent World War II, at least 20 victories were achieved.


The table contains the US aviators with 20 or more confirmed kills

  • Surname
  • Rank
  • Number of confirmed aerial victories
  • Awards
  • unit
  • Date of death (†)

Note: The list can be sorted : By clicking on a column header, the list is sorted according to this column, clicking twice reverses the sorting.

Surname image rank L. Award unit
Richard Bong Richard Bong photo portrait head and shoulders.jpg major 40 MOH USAAF August 6, 1945
Thomas McGuire Cadet Thomas B. McGuire.jpg major 38 MOH USAAF January 7, 1945
David McCampbell David McCampbell.jpg Captain 34 MOH USN June 30, 1996
Francis Gabreski Francis Gabreski color photo in pilot suit.jpg Colonel 28 DSC USAAF January 31, 2002
Robert S. Johnson Rsjhnson.jpg Lieutenant Colonel 28 DSC USAAF December 27, 1998
Gregory Boyington Boyington MOH.JPEG Colonel 28 MOH USMC January 11, 1988
Charles H. MacDonald Tarpaulin-3.jpg Colonel 27 DSC USAAF March 3, 2002
George Preddy George Preddy.jpg major 26th USAAF December 25, 1944
Joe Foss Joe Foss DM-SD-03-09574.JPG major 26th MOH USMC January 1, 2003
Lance C. Wade Squadron Leader Lance C Wade 1943.jpg Wing Commander 25th DSO RAF January 12, 1944
Robert M. Hanson Hanson RM.jpg First lieutenant 25th MOH USMC February 3, 1944
John C. Meyer Lieutenant Colonel 24 DSC USAAF 2nd December 1975
Cecil E. Harris First lieutenant 24 Navy Cross USMC 1981
Eugene A. Valencia First lieutenant 23 Navy Cross USN 15th September 1975
Ray Shuey Wetmore major 22.5 DSC USAAF February 14, 1951
David Carl Schilling Colonel 22.5 DSC USAAF August 14, 1956
Gerald R. Johnson Lieutenant Colonel 22nd DSC USAAF 1945
Jay T. Robbins Lieutenant General 22nd DSC USAAF March 3, 2001
Neel Ernest Kearby Neel E Kearby Col USAAF c1943.jpg Colonel 22nd MOH USAAF March 5, 1944
Fred Joseph Christensen Colonel 21.5 Silver Star USAAF April 4, 2006
John Voll major 21st Silver Star USAAF September 12, 1987
Kenneth Ambrose Walsh Walsh KA.jpg Lieutenant Colonel 21st MOH USMC July 30, 1998
Bud Mahurin Colonel 20th DSC USAAF May 11, 2010
Donald Aldrich Captain 20th Purple heart USMC
Robert Westbrook 20th USAAF
Thomas Lynch 20th DSC USAAF 1944

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