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Louis Even

Louis Even (born March 23, 1885 in Montfort-sur-Meu ; † September 27, 1974 ) was a Canadian philosopher , leading member of a lay order and publicist. He is mainly known for the introduction of the social credit in the Francophone part of Canada.


In 1896 Louis Even joined the lay order Frères de l'instruction chrétienne . He was brought up by his parents in the spirituality of Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort .

In 1907, two years after the introduction of the Loi Combes , the religious orders in France had to cease their work. Many therefore decided in advance to go to exile in Canada. Even joined the exiles. First he was a lecturer in Montana , USA, near the Rocky Mountains. He moved to Canada on June 24, 1906.

After teaching in Montreal from 1907 to 1911, Even lost his hearing. The order therefore sent him to La Prairie , where he learned the trade of printer, studied German and Latin and bought the necessary tools for his printing company, which he successfully ran. In November 1920 he was removed from his mission by the confreres, judging that he was more suitable for academic study.

Even found work as a printer at the Garden City Press in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue . The following year he married Laura Leblanc, with whom he had four children. In addition to his work as a printer, he also worked as a journalist and translator for Le Moniteur . On the recommendation of Minister William Fielding, he decided to take business courses on banking and credit.

Even began his analysis of the credit issue by translating Anne-Irene Caldwells' book: Money - what is it? It was published by Garden City Press in 1935 under the title Secrets of Money . He joined the credit movement after reading James Crate Larkin's short essay on economic theory by Clifford Hugh Douglas . He became a propagandist of this theory, which he considered a benefit for humanity. His work as a printer and publisher helped him to build a network of contacts, a political base and friendship groups who wanted to devote themselves to the study of economics, especially the role that credit plays and should play in economic life.

Even has appeared publicly at meetings in Ontario , Quebec, and New Brunswick . In 1936 he founded the Cahiers du Crédit Social , a magazine that intensively disseminated the idea of ​​social credit. The magazine ceased to appear in 1939. At the same time, Even founded the magazine L'Ile des Naufragés , but with only moderate success. Even worked with well-known public figures, including Gilberte Côté, Gérard Mercier and the Mayor of Québec, J.-Ernest-Grégoire.

In 1939 the magazine Vers Demain was founded , later renamed l'Institut d'Action politique. In 1941 the Abbot of Sherbrooke, Philippe Desranleau, blessed the flag of the organization he saw inspired by Catholic Social Teaching. The members called themselves bérets blancs because of the uniform they wear.

Even published his work Sous le Signe de l'Abondance in 1946 , which was printed in an edition of 24,000 copies. Other works followed, including Une finance saine et efficace and Qu'est-ce que le vrai Crédit Social? After appearing on television, he founded an English-language magazine, Social Credit , in 1953 ; It later appeared under the name Michael Journal .

In the 1960s Even tried to spread the movement in France, then in Brazil. Still a devotee of Saint Michael, he founded the Pèlerins de Saint Michel order and settled in Saint-Michel-de-Rougemont. In 1965 he became seriously ill, but continued his fight and traveled to New York . He died on September 27, 1974.


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