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Louis Menar (civil Luigi Antonio Mazzocut, called Louis); (Born November 19, 1939 in Näfels ; † September 15, 2014 ) was a Swiss singer , entertainer and band leader from the canton of Glarus . He played guitar, electric bass, banjo, harmonica, pan flute and piano. His main job was production manager in a plumber .


In May 1987 he founded his entertainment orchestra , the Glarnerbuebe , for which he composed pieces of music himself and sang songs in various languages. His evergreens are the waltz songs Geissepeter and Müeti, dear Müeti . In addition, he composed and wrote the lyrics for the popular song to me d'Glarnerbuebe and if d'Glarnerbuebe spiled . Willy Mächler , the orchestra's accordionist , was a student of Willi Valotti .

The music group had only a few tracks in the style of the traditional country in their repertoire. Occasionally the soprano saxophone, a wind instrument widespread in the traditional country, comes to the fore. A trademark of Willy Mächler is Retour des hirondelles , a musette waltz from the French-speaking part of Switzerland composed for the accordion.

Louis Menar band

On the occasion of their 8th gala appearance at the 2003 New Year's Eve party in the Hotel Uto Kulm on the Uetliberg in Zurich, the five musicians decided not to perform under the old name Glarnerbuebe anymore. They gave themselves a more contemporary name - Louis Menar Band . The music group consisted of

  • Louis Menar
  • Willy Mächler (accordion, keyboard)
  • Hans Hobi (soprano saxophone, Eb alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, clarinet, electric bass, guitar)
  • Erich Hauser (soprano, E-flat alto and tenor saxophone, clarinet)
  • Emil Stucki (drums)

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