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Ludwig Johann Wilhelm Bernbeck (born November 23, 1794 in Wirberg ; † October 24, 1865 in Lehrbach ) was a Hessian politician and former member of the 2nd Chamber of the Land estates of the Grand Duchy of Hesse .


Ludwig Bernbeck was the son of the Protestant pastor Johann Daniel Bernbeck and his wife Charlotte Eleonore nee Schneider. Ludwig Bernbeck married Marie Katharine nee Pepler (* July 7, 1818 in Rodheim ; † April 28, 1890 in Lehrbach). The following children were born from the marriage:

  • Karl Bernbeck (1838–1891), pharmacy owner in Germersheim, 1874 medical assessor in Speyer, 1884 pharmacy owner in Ludwigshafen, city councilor
  • Gustav Adolf Christian (1841–1914), mill owner in Lehrbach, pensioner in Darmstadt
  • Wilhelm Hermann Bernbeck (1843–1902), pharmacy owner in Oberursel
  • Hermann Ernst Otto Bernbeck (1844–1917), landowner in Salina in Kansas, USA
  • Ernst Ludwig Bernbeck (1848–1909), miller in Lehrbach, then privateer in Oberursel
  • Meline Ernestine Christiane Theodore Günther (1850–1915), married to Friedrich Günther (1835–1890), Kgl. District forester in Niederklein near Kirchhain
  • Viktor Philipp Bernbeck (1854–1907), pharmacist, pharmacy owner in Sagard, Rügen
  • Wilhelm Bernbeck (* 1863) teacher at the secondary school in Groß-Umstadt

education and profession

Ludwig Bernbeck studied economics and forest sciences at the University of Giessen and became a district tax collector in Rodheim in 1824. from May 6, 1850, he held the same task in Grünberg . On October 3, 1850, he was dismissed from office and then worked as a miller and farmer. He acquired and operated the mill and Gut Lehrbach near Alsfeld.


In the 13th electoral term (1850) Ludwig Bernbeck was a member of the second chamber of the state estates of the Grand Duchy of Hesse. In the estates he represented the constituency of Upper Hesse 10 / Grünberg .


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