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Louis Arthur Leopold Stockert , 1874-1919 Ritter von Stockert (* 7. February 1853 in Freistadt , Austrian Silesia ; † 30th July 1929 in Montevideo , Uruguay ), was an Austrian railroad - engineer .


Ludwig von Stockert was the son of the engineer and central inspector of the Kaiser-Ferdinand-Nordbahn, who was knighted in 1874, Franz Emanuel Andreas Ritter von Stockert and his wife Leopoldine nee. Shimak. He graduated from the Academic Gymnasium in Vienna in 1871 . He was then a student at the Technical University of Vienna until 1876 and then attended physical, mathematical and philosophical lectures at the University of Vienna .

As an engineer , later train conveyance inspector, he worked at Kaiser Ferdinands-Nordbahn , where he was involved in the development of a friction brake and a safety clutch. During this time he also worked as a consultant for the Association of German Railway Administrations . He went on study trips to Germany, Belgium and England.

After his time as a railway engineer, he became a private lecturer in railway engineering and railway operations at the Vienna University of Technology in 1901 . His further university career led in 1903 from honorary lecturer for railway equipment to an extraordinary professorship (1906) to full professorship for railway engineering in 1919. With the nobility annulment law of 1919 he lost the title of "knight". In 1923 he retired and was appointed councilor .

From 1926 he lived in Montevideo.


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