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Luxembourg word
Luxemburger Wort (logo) .svg
description largest daily newspaper in the
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
language German (some articles Luxembourgish, French)
publishing company Saint-Paul Luxembourg s. a.
First edition March 23, 1848
Frequency of publication Monday - Saturday
Sold edition 67,301 copies
Editor-in-chief Roland Arens, Claude Feyereisen, Marc Schlammes
editor Saint-Paul Luxembourg s. a.
executive Director Paul Peckels
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ZDB 2421054-7

The Luxembourg word for truth and law is the leading daily newspaper in Luxembourg with a circulation of around 67,000 copies . It has been published from the beginning, since 1848, by the Sankt Paulus Druckerei , today Saint-Paul Luxembourg sa , which until 2020 was majority owned by the Archdiocese of Luxembourg . The newspaper was historically close to the Christian Social People's Party , but has adopted a more neutral editorial line since the end of the era of Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker . The "word" is subsidized by the Luxembourg state through press support . In 2013, this amount was 1,390,566 euros.


Luxemburger Wort, edition of March 30, 1848

The first edition of the Luxemburger Wort appeared on March 23, 1848, just three days after the introduction of freedom of the press in the German Confederation , in the Sankt Paulus printing works founded by the Vicar Apostolic of Luxembourg, Johannes Theodor Laurent and Eduard Michelis .

From the beginning, the newspaper fought against the friend of the people, co-founded by Samuel Hirsch, and the Jewish rabbi , as well as the subsidy for the Jewish community. Between 1849 and 1880, an average of two anti-Semitic articles appeared per week .

From 1938 the editorial team opposed the Third Reich. In 1940, after the invasion of German troops in Luxembourg, the Luxemburger Wort has been brought into line . The then director Jean Origer and the editors Batty Esch and Pierre Grégoire were arrested and sent to concentration camps. Of these, only Grégoire survived captivity. After the liberation of Luxembourg, the newspaper headlined: Lëtzebuerg as fräi! ( German : "Luxembourg is free!"). At the same time, this was also one of the few editions that were published exclusively in Luxembourgish; the press publisher also translated its name into French in protest.

Between March 17, 2005 and March 21, 2008, the newspaper called itself d 'Wort : Luxembourg word for truth and law.

On January 11, 2010, the publishing house said goodbye to its director and editor-in-chief Léon Zeches, who had represented the newspaper with his political comments for 42 years. He was followed by General Director Paul Lenert. Director General Paul Peckels has been running the publishing house since September 2013. The editor-in-chief has been Jean-Lou Siweck, who previously served as economic advisor to Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker , since November 2013 .

In April 2020, the Archdiocese of Luxembourg sold its shares in the Saint-Paul Luxembourg publishing house to the Belgian media group Mediahuis . The Archdiocese of Luxembourg remains indirectly linked to the Luxemburger Wort through a minority stake held by Lafayette SA, the Archdiocese's asset management company, in Mediahuis .

The Luxemburger Wort has been one of the main sponsors of the Tour of Luxembourg for years and sponsors the Luxembourg yellow jersey there .


The newspaper writes mainly in German , some of the articles (around 16%) are in French , and a very small number (around 2%) in Luxembourgish .

According to a study by Euromosaic, in which the word was examined together with the Tageblatt , texts in Luxembourgish in these newspapers only account for 2% of the total volume. These 2% break down as follows:

  • Front page 0.1%;
  • Editorial, News, Sports 0.0%;
  • Art 0.8%;
  • Local news 6.1%;
  • Entertainment tips 50.6%;
  • Job offers 1.9%;
  • Advertising 9.5%;
  • Birth announcements 81.8%;
  • Wedding advertisements 80.1%;
  • Obituaries 52.8%.

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