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The Moravians in Europe around the year 814

The Moravians (also Moravier , Morawer , or Moravljanen , old Slavic name Moravljane , Slovak : Moravania , Czech : Moravané ) were a West Slavic tribe in the early Middle Ages . When exactly the Moravian tribe was formed is unknown. The Czech historian Dušan Třeštík suspects that the Moravians probably formed together with the other Slavic tribes at the turn of the 6th century to the 7th century. In the 9th century, their settlement area included in particular the historical region of Moravia and western Slovakia , but also parts of Lower Austria (up to the Danube) and northern Hungary .

They were first mentioned by name in 822 in Annales regni Francorum and in the Bavarian Geographer's record they were located between the Bohemian and Bulgarian tribe . Founded by the Moravians in the 9th century Great Moravia was the first major Slavic state was founded and was until the early 10th century by the ruler dynasty of the house of mojmir governed. After the dissolution of the Moravian Empire, the Moravian tribe was divided between Bohemia and Hungary in the course of the 10th century . The western part of the Moravians became Czech in the course of time and is now counted among the Czechs ( see Moravians (ethnic group) ). Today's Slovaks developed from the eastern part of the tribe within the Kingdom of Hungary .


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