Western Slavs

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States with a predominantly Slavic-speaking population:
  • Eastern Slavs
  • Western Slavs
  • South Slavs
  • The West Slavs are those Slavic peoples who settled in the areas between the rivers Elbe and Saale in the west, the Prypiat marshes in the east, the Baltic Sea in the north and the Tisza plain in the south until the early Middle Ages .

    When the Magyars invaded the Tisza plain in the 10th century, they were spatially separated from the areas of the southern Slavs . The separation from the Eastern Slavs took place from the 9th century during the Christianization . In contrast to the Byzantine Eastern Slavs, the Western Slavs were Christianized through Roman Catholic missionaries.

    The following ethnic groups that still exist today belong to the Western Slavs :

    West Slavic groups that no longer exist:

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    1. The independence of Kosovo is not yet taken into account on this map. Kosovo has an Albanophone majority of the population.