Moravians (ethnic group)

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Proportion of the population of Czechs professing the Moravian ethnic group in 2011
Moravian costumes

The Moravians (also Moravia , outdated also Morawer , Czech : Moravané ) are a West Slavic ethnic group in the Moravian part of the Czech Republic . In their own perception they are an independent people who speak the Czech language.

They are the descendants of the early medieval Moravians , the inhabitants of the Moravian Empire , who settled the country around the 6th century. In a 1991 census, 1,362,000 people declared themselves “Moravian nationality”, that is 13.2% of the total population of the Czech Republic; in 2001 it fell to 380,000 people. The 2011 census recorded an increase in the number of people professing the Moravian ethnic group to 630,897, 108,423 of whom named their ethnicity in combination with another, 99,000 of them as "Moravian-Czech".

In addition, the Moravians are divided into further subgroups with regional dialects of the Czech language :

Today they are mostly also

regarded as a moron.

Before the German population was expelled after the Second World War, the German-speaking residents of Moravia were also referred to as (German) Moravians . Like the Bohemians , the Moravians saw themselves as residents of their country with a Czech or German mother tongue. The term Sudeten Germans did not appear until the 20th century.

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