Mana (musician)

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Birthday: 19th March
Place of birth: Hiroshima , Japan
Nationality: Japanese
Label: Midi: Nice
current projects
Moi dix Mois
Instrument: Electric guitar
Mana's Not Dead
Instrument: Drums
Kanon Wakeshima (as producer)
old projects
Malice Mizer 1992-2001
Schwarz Stein (as producer)

Mana ( Japanese マ ナ ; born March 19 in Hiroshima Prefecture ) is a Japanese musician , fashion designer and a personality in the Japanese visual kei scene.


Mana was born on March 19 in Hiroshima . He keeps his year of birth and his real name a secret. The stage name Mana is originally composed of the Kanji for demon , evil spirit ( ) and name ( ) and could roughly be translated as the name of the demon ( 魔 名 ), but he does autographs in Katakana ( マ ナ ).

His parents were music teachers and brought him into contact with classical music at an early age. This influence is also reflected in his music. In his projects he mixes classical baroque music with heavy metal .

Mana plays drums (based on his youth idol Tommy Lee von Mötley Crüe ), electric bass , electric guitar , accordion , synthesizer and keyboard , composes and writes lyrics. His compositions are characterized by classical elements and the influences of his idols.

Public appearance

Mana is rarely seen smiling or speaking in public. During interviews, Mana whispers in one of his band members' ears and lets him answer for himself.

According to earlier interviews, Mana owns and wears women's clothing in private because it is more diverse and more elaborate than men's. According to his own statement, he currently does not dress primarily female. Mana is a model for both the Elegant Gothic Aristocrat , the male-feminine, produced by Moi-même-Moitié , and the Elegant Gothic Lolita , the female-doll-like fashion. At his concerts he and his band members mostly wear dresses in the Elegant Gothic Aristocrat style.

In July 2004, Mana performed for the first time in Europe when he gave a press conference followed by an autograph session at JapanExpo in Paris .



  • Ves.tearge
  • GIRL'e
  • 摩天 楼 (Matenrō) (bass)

Malice Mizer

Mana was co-founder (with Közi ), lead guitarist and keyboard player of the band Malice Mizer with the concept "What is man?" ( 人間 と は? ) And trying to imitate the sound of the harpsichord in rock style with guitars. First known under the name Serina , he changed his name from Malice Mizer at the beginning and called himself Mana from then on . He wrote much of the music and some lyrics for Malice Mizer and has significantly influenced and dominated the music and style of the band.

Moi dix Mois

After separating from Malice Mizer, Mana founded his solo project Moi dix Mois on March 19, 2002, in which he deepened his classic rock concept and refined his own style. Here he composes the music, designs the costumes, writes the lyrics and directs the production.


Mana made the Gothic Lolita style known internationally. He is the founder and inventor of the Elegant Gothic Lolita and Elegant Gothic Aristocrat styles and sells this fashion under his fashion label Moi-même-Moitié, which he founded in 1999.

Midi: Nice

Midi: Nette is the independent music label founded by Mana . Officially, there is a label since 1992. In the meantime, were Malice Mizer from the major label Columbia Records produced, but returned as Malice Mizer, now with singer Klaha in the Independent events, the label called Midi: Nette M + M . When Malice Mizer finally separated in 2001, Mana used the label for his solo project Moi dix Mois and for the short-lived band Schwarz Stein . Mana is currently producing singer and cellist Kanon Wakeshima , who is not under contract with his own label, but with DefStar Records / Sony.

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