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Manfred Günther (* 9. May 1935 in Leipzig ) is a German Emeritus Professor of Technical Cybernetics / automatic control at the TU Ilmenau . He was also the director of the Technical and Biomedical Cybernetics Section and the Institute for Automation and System Technology for many years.

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Manfred Günther was part of the first matriculation at the University of Applied Sciences Ilmenau (HfE) . He was enrolled at the TH Dresden in 1953 , but was then transferred to the newly founded HfE with the entire seminar group in Ilmenau. He majored in control engineering with a minor in telecommunications and high-frequency technology . In 1959, he completed his studies as a graduate engineer (Dipl.-Ing.) For control engineering .

After that he was a scientific assistant at the Institute for Control Engineering (Head: Karl Reinisch) of the Faculty for Low Current Technology at the HfE, later at TH Ilmenau, until 1965 . While working as an assistant or senior assistant , he received teaching assignments for sub-areas of technical cybernetics, and his research work focused on time-discrete systems. During this time he also worked on his dissertation on the analysis and synthesis of digital regulations. He received his doctorate in 1965 at the Faculty of Low Voltage Technology at the TH Ilmenau as a doctoral engineer (Dr.-Ing.).

From 1967 to 1970 he worked as a subject, group and department head in the Institute for Data Processing (idv) and in the VEB Kombinat Robotron in Dresden. He dealt with issues relating to the use of process computers for automation tasks in the chemical industry.

Then in 1970 he was appointed full professor for technical cybernetics / automatic control at the TH Ilmenau. Here he became head of a scientific area, deputy section director and, during the 1980s, director of the Technical and Biomedical Cybernetics (TBK) section , which was founded and headed by Karl Reinisch in 1968, until Siegfried Pilz from 1971 to 1975 and then Michael Roth from 1975 until 1983 were in charge. As a section director, Günther was also a member of the electrical engineering advisory board (chairman: Gerhard Linnemann , former rector of TH Ilmenau ) at the Ministry of Higher Education and Technical Education (MHF). He was also a member of the board of directors of the Scientific and Technical Society of Measurement and Automation Technology (chairman: Heinz Töpfer , then Werner Richter ) in the Berlin Chamber of Technology (chairman: Manfred Schubert and then Dagmar Hülsenberg ).

After 1989, Günther took over the management of the newly founded Institute for Automation and System Technology until 1995. In his chair he was responsible for further development of teaching in the areas he represented: "Basics of automation technology", "Control engineering (automatic control)", "Discrete-time systems "And" digital process automation ". For this purpose he has created two textbooks and internships with industry-related laboratory processes. In general, he promoted practical relevance in training. During his work as a professor, he supervised many diploma theses and more than 40 doctorates.

From 1990 to 1993 he acted as the first chairman of the Scientific Council (Council) of the TU Ilmenau, which was elected on the basis of the basic democratic order of 1990 .

In 2000 Günther retired when he reached retirement age .

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