Marinos Geroulanos

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The house of the Geroulanos family in Lixouri (the first floor was destroyed by an earthquake in 1953)

Marinos Geroulanos ( Greek Μαρίνος Γερουλάνος , born February 21, 1867 in Patras ; † June 8, 1960 ) was a surgeon and university professor from Lixouri on Kefalonia .


Geroulanos was born in Patras in 1867, where his family fled during the earthquake of 1867. He studied in Munich and became a lecturer at the LMU in 1892 , but went to Berlin to continue studying there. In 1897 he became a professor at the University of Greifswald and in 1902 at the University of Kiel . In 1911 he accepted an invitation from Queen Olga of Greece to expand the surgery at the University of Athens , and from 1922 he also worked as a surgeon at the People's Hospital. He was elected to the Greek Parliament as a Member of Parliament for Kefalonia, but was released shortly thereafter to serve as a surgeon on the front lines of the Greco-Turkish War. In 1929 he founded the Greek Surgical Society, became professor in Heidelberg in 1935 and president of the Academy of Athens in 1940 .

He supported refugees financially and set up various foundations. With his will he donated the rest of his fortune, including to the church.

In 1926 Marinos Geroulanos was accepted as a member of the German Academy of Natural Scientists Leopoldina .

He was married to Margarethe Mitzlaff, their two children were Erika Geroulanos and Johannes Geroulanos, who became an archaeologist. His son Stephanos Geroulanos is also a surgeon. His great-grandson Pavlos Geroulanos is Minister of Tourism.


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