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Marmaduke Wyvill (* 1814 in Constable Burton , Yorkshire , † June 29, 1896 in Bournemouth ) was an English aristocrat, politician and chess master .

His family's ancestral home was Constable Burton Hall in North Yorkshire .

From 1847 to 1868 he was a member of the British Parliament . In 1851 he took part in the first international chess tournament in history in London and finished second behind the Prussian master Adolf Anderssen , who was henceforth considered to be the world's best chess player. Howard Staunton , who was otherwise sparing with praise , then described Wyvill as one of the best players in England.

Wyvill then focused on his political career and stopped playing chess seriously. Until he retired from chess, he was able to compete with the best players of his time, including such glamorous names as La Bourdonnais , Lionel Kieseritzky , Henry Thomas Buckle and Daniel Harrwitz .

Even after retiring from tournament play, he remained connected to chess and belonged to a. to the organizers of the important tournament in London in 1883 , which he also supported financially.

His best historical rating was calculated as 2479 as a result of the London tournament (August 1851).


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