Martin Erythropel

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Martin Erythropel (* 1610 in Hanover ; † June 1, 1655 ibid) was a German Protestant theologian.


His father was the well-known theologian Rupert Erythropel , who founded the Erythropel family of scholars from Hanover . After attending the old town school in Hanover and the Martineum in Braunschweig, Martin Erythropel studied theology at the universities of Helmstedt and Marburg . In 1634 he took up a position as city preacher in Darmstadt, shortly afterwards he was appointed court preacher and church inspector to Butzbach and from 1648 was court preacher and general superintendent in Idstein from Nassau-Saarbrücken . He died on a visiting trip in Hanover.


  • Pathologia Christi prophetica (Marburg 1640).
  • Thesaurus connubialis (Marburg 1641).
  • Honorary memory of Landgrave Philipp III. zu Butzbach (Frankfurt am Main 1647).


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