Martin Winkelheide

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Martin Winkelheide (* 1965 in Cologne ) is a German presenter and radio journalist as well as a well-known voice from the programs " Leonardo - Wissenschaft und mehr " on WDR5 , "Bürostunde" and " Forschung aktuell " on Deutschlandfunk and as the author of several other radio programs such as some episodes of "Calendar sheet" broadcast on annual events.


After studying German , history and theater studies in Cologne and Siegen, he was an intern at various daily newspapers, news agencies and press offices. Since 1989 as a radio journalist he has been very interested in the natural sciences and medicine, especially molecular biology, infectious diseases and cancer research.

In addition to Christian Floto, he moderates the medical program consultation hour . As an author, he works for Deutschlandfunk, especially for the program “ Forschung aktuell” , the WDR and other ARD broadcasters. Together with Michael Lange , he makes reports for the Leo2go format as part of Leonardo - Science and more on WDR5. He is a member of the science press conference and co-founder of the non-profit "Cologne volunteer agency".


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