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Mateo Inglés

Mateo Alemán (mostly in German: Mateo Aleman ) (* 1547 in Seville , † around 1613 in Mexico ) was a Spanish writer .


Mateo Alemán studied medicine in Seville, Salamanca and Alcalá de Henares , but dropped out of this course. He was employed by the Reichsschatz for a long time, then resigned his office as a result of an annoying legal transaction. In 1571 he married Catalina de Espinosa. He was in constant financial trouble and was imprisoned in the Seville Debt Prison for his debts in late 1602. In 1609 he emigrated to Mexico, where he probably died soon after in great poverty.


Guzmán de Alfarache , Antwerp , 1681

In addition to a poetic biography of St. Anthony of Padua (Seville 1604) and an Ortografia castellana (Mexico 1608), he wrote the picaresque novel “La vida del Pícaro Guzmán de Alfarache” (1599), the first part of which was immediately recognized by its excellent description of customs and excellent presentation three, had 26 editions within the next six years. The favorable success caused a literary privateer to publish a fake second part, which first appeared in Barcelona in 1603 , while the real second part of Alemán itself was published in Valencia in 1605 ; a promised third part never appeared. The novel, which is also a stylistic masterpiece, was translated into many languages, by Caspar Ens himself in 1623 into Latin. The oldest German translation was provided by Aegidius Albertinus : Der Landstörzer Gusman von Alfarache (Munich 1615, 2 parts), for which a third part was published by Martin Freudenhold . (that. 1632); Friedrich Immediately after the French translation (Magdeburg 1828, 4 vols.). The best edition of the original can be found in the third volume of Carlos Aribau's " Biblioteca de autores españoles " (Madrid 1846), where the fake second part is also printed.


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