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Mauke ( dermatitis erythematosa , dermatitis madidans , dermatitis crustosa , dermatitis squamosa , dermatitis verrucosa ) is a bacterial skin inflammation in the fetlock of the horse . The disease occurs mainly on the hind limbs of horses with long hangings . The acute onset of skin inflammation tends to quickly become chronic. It can spread to the tarsus or ankle joint . Because of the protruding hair, the disease is also referred to as "Straubfuß" in older literature.

Causes, pathogenesis and clinical picture

In the case of brewery horses, the feeding of stillage in particular played a causal role. Infestation with mites of the genus Chorioptes ( foot moss ) is a possible trigger. The disease is most common in the winter months. It begins as reddening of the skin that is itchy ( dermatitis erythematosa ). Mechanical damage such as rubbing and pounding as well as external damaging factors such as moisture, de-icing salt and urine quickly turns the reddening into heavily oozing eczema ( dermatitis madidans ) with the formation of crusts ( dermatitis crustosa ). Finally, when the crusts become detached, the exposed papillary body overgrows ( dermatitis verrucosa ). These crimson growths tend to bleed and a smelly exudate forms in the furrows . If there is extensive necrosis , one speaks of a "fire maul". The disease can be exacerbated by secondary bacterial infections , with anaerobes such as Bacteroides melaninogenicus and Fusiformis nodosus playing a greater role.


The main aim of the treatment is to improve the hygienic situation of the diseased skin area (clean stalls , gentle cleaning with mild disinfecting solutions to soften the crust). An effective prophylaxis can be carried out through frequent and careful cleaning of the endangered areas . Also helpful are z. B. Sauerkraut compresses that remain on the horse's leg (in the fetlock) overnight for a period of about three to four days. Ointments based on zinc , salicylic acid and prednisolone are sufficient in the initial stage (D. erythematosa, D. madidans). In the event of an infestation with mites , a local washing treatment with acaricides is indicated.

Individual evidence

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