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Maurice Halbwachs (1898)

Maurice Halbwachs (born March 11, 1877 in Reims ; † March 16, 1945 in Buchenwald concentration camp ) was a French sociologist and philosopher whose work has played a key role in shaping the concept of collective memory to this day .

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Halbwachs came from a Catholic family and attended the École normal supérieure in Paris , where he studied philosophy with Henri Bergson . After his examination in philosophy in 1901, he taught at grammar schools and in 1904 went to study at the University of Göttingen for a year . Returning to France, he turned in 1905 as a student Émile Durkheim of sociology to. He became co-editor of Année Sociologique , where he worked with François Simiand in the field of economics and statistics. In 1909 he went to Berlin to get to know German economics and Marxism better. In December 1910 he was expelled from Prussia as an “annoying foreigner”; As a correspondent for the Paris Humanité , he had reported too critically in the opinion of the authorities about a meeting of striking workers and its violent dissolution - the so-called "Weddinger Riots". In 1913 he married Yvonne Basch, daughter of the Jewish Germanist and philosopher Victor Basch (1863-1944) and his wife Hélène (1863-1944); two sons came from this marriage. His in-laws were murdered by collaborator Paul Touvier in 1944 .

During the First World War , Halbwachs worked in the French War Ministry and then became professor of sociology and education at the French University of Strasbourg . In 1921 he took up a teaching position at the Center d'études germaniques in Mainz - in the zone of the Rhineland occupied by French troops .

Halbwachs worked as a visiting professor at the University of Chicago for one year in 1932 and was appointed to the Sorbonne from Strasbourg in 1935 . There he taught sociology, worked closely with Marcel Mauss and published the Annales de Sociologie , the successor journal to the Année Sociologique . In 1944 he followed the honorable call to the chair of social psychology at the Collège de France .

As a socialist and due to clan liability (his two sons had joined the Resistance ), Halbwachs was arrested by the Gestapo in Paris on July 23, 1944 and deported to the Buchenwald concentration camp , where he suffered an illness as a result of his extermination on March 16, 1945 Work died.

A street in Reims is named after Halbwachs.

He is the grandfather of the computer scientist Nicolas Halbwachs .


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