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Mesenchyme ( Greek , 'the center poured in') together with the gelatinous connective tissue form the embryonic connective tissue . From the mesenchyme, which is often referred to as mesenchymal connective tissue , develops:


Mesenchyme consists of star-shaped branched cells , which are known as mesenchymal stem cells , mesenchymal stromal cells or mesenchymal cells . They are mechanically and communicatively connected to one another via cytoplasmic processes . Mesenchymal stem cells have a high rate of division ( mitotic rate ) and are called multipotent because they can differentiate into many different tissues .

The intercellular substance essentially consists of a viscous, hyaluronic acid-containing liquid. It only contains collagen fibrils from the 8th week of development , but no fibers . In this way, mesenchyme differs significantly from differentiated connective tissue, which forms a mostly fibrous intercellular substance that defines the properties of the tissue.


Mesenchyme occurs in the human embryo from the 3rd week of development. It arises from the detachment of cells from the embryo's cotyledons , especially from the mesoderm , but also from certain parts of the ectoderm ( neural crest ) and endoderm ( prechordal plate ).


Tumors that arise from the mesenchyma are called mesenchymomas . Malignant tumors of tissues of mesenchymal origin are called sarcomas .

Therapy research

Stem cell research examines the extent to which mesenchymal cells can be used to treat degeneratively diseased organs of mesenchymal origin.
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