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Mettigel with "spines" made from onion sticks

Mettigel (also Hackepeterigel or Hackepeterschwein ) are a classic component of cold platters or cold buffets . They consist of minced meat with a corresponding garnish .

For the traditional preparation, a large portion of minced meat is made into the shape of a hedgehog and decorated with inserted pretzel sticks or raw quartered onion rings as “spikes” and olives or similar as “eyes” and “nose”. It is often served on a bed of lettuce leaves, raw chopped onions or onion rings. In addition, bread , rolls or pretzels and butter as well as pepper and salt are served as desired for seasoning. Due to the perishability of minced meat, the Mettigel should be consumed on the day of manufacture.

Cheese urchins are a comparable dish .

Serving cold platters with Mettigel became fashionable in the 1950s. Just like toadstool eggs and tomatoes , cheese skewers with grapes, cheese urchins or ham rolls and bags , it was part of the standard repertoire of cold buffets until the 1970s, especially in private households. It was often served with the beer together with bread etc. and butter .