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Michael Baales (born November 3, 1963 in Gerolstein ) is a prehistorian .


Baales studied prehistory and early history , geology and geography in Cologne and Tübingen. The master's examination took place in Cologne at the Philosophical Faculty at Gerhard Bosinski on The Late Palaeolithic finds from Kart Stone ( North Eifel ) , the Promotion in Cologne at math and science faculty at Gerhard Bosinski on head'em-off-at-the-pass - Ecology and economy of the Ahrensburg reindeer hunters in the low mountain range . 2001 followed the habilitation at the University of Frankfurt am Main: Environment and archeology of the Allerød period in the Neuwied Basin . On the settlement archeology of the late Paleolithic Federmesser groups around 13,000 years ago on the Middle Rhine , as well as a rehabilitation at the Ruhr University Bochum in 2005 . From 1990 to 2002 he was a research assistant at the research area Paleolithic in Neuwied − Monrepos, among other things as a member of the six year special research program of the DFG Change of the Geo − Biosphere during the last 15,000 years . During this time he took part in excavations of archaeological and palaeontological sites as well as especially on the subject of humans and the environment in the time of the Laacher See volcano on the Middle Rhine and gave lectures at national and international congresses and workshops.

Since June 1st, 2002 he has been the head of the Olpe branch of the LWL archeology for Westphalia of the Westphalia-Lippe Regional Association . In 2012 he became an adjunct professor at the University of Bochum.

Selected publications

  • Environment and hunting economy of the Ahrensburg reindeer hunters in the low mountain range (= monographs of the Roman-Germanic Central Museum. 38). Habelt, Bonn 1996, ISBN 3-88467-037-9 .
  • The late Paleolithic site of Kettig. Investigations into the settlement archeology of the Federmesser groups on the Middle Rhine (= monographs of the Roman-Germanic Central Museum. 51). Publishing house of the Roman-Germanic Central Museum et al., Mainz 2002, ISBN 3-88467-072-7 .
  • as editor with Ralf Blank and Jörg Orschiedt : Archeology in Hagen. A historical landscape is explored. Klartext-Verlag, Essen 2010, ISBN 978-3-8375-0423-1 .
  • as ed. with Clemens Pasda : " None of the lovely hills is for me Freud ...". Festschrift for the 65th birthday of Claus-Joachim Kind (University research on prehistoric archeology, Volume 327). Habelt, Bonn 2019, ISBN 9783774941809 .

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