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Michael Dreyer (* 1953 in Coburg ) is a German artist and designer.

He is professor for visual communication at the Merz Academy , University of Design , Art and Media, Stuttgart, and was involved in its realignment in 1982. Dreyer has headed the WO Scheibe Museum exhibition space in Stuttgart since 2006 .


Dreyer creates assemblages , installations and films in which he combines painting and sculpture, graphics, sounds and texts.

Solo exhibitions, performances and films

  • 1986: The borrowed emergency (together with Diedrich Diederichsen and Lucius Burckhardt ) as part of the exhibition “Explorations”, Messe Stuttgart
  • 1996: Shorty, Film, Performance (Berlin, Marburg, Stuttgart, Hamburg) (together with Sharon Lockhart, Cinematography, Schorsch Cameroon and many others)
  • 2004: Abolition of spanking language Performance I, exhibition, performance, films, publication (Künstlerhaus Stuttgart), performers: Helmut Draxler, André Butzer , Grazer Kunstverein ; Galerie Meerrettich, Berlin
  • 2006: Pianist, listening to a recording of 'electronic sounds' by Stockhausen, exhibition, performance, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart; Abolition of spanking language Performance II, performer: Michael Krebber , Galerie Meerrettich, Berlin
  • 2010: White Albums, exhibition, publication, together with Julian Göthe, Hans Jürgen Hafner, Michael Paukner, WO Scheibe Museum, Stuttgart
  • 2011: Theory of the Poor Audience / Towards A Poor Audience, Hermes and the Pfau, Stuttgart; Triple Negation - Double Props, I WE NOW INTERRUPT FOR A COMMERCIAL, guest curator Clemens Krümmel, Aanant & Zoo, Berlin


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