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Michael Prawdin , pseudonym for Michael Charol (born January 20, 1894 in the Russian Empire , † December 23, 1970 in London ) was an English journalist and historian of Ukrainian origin.

Live and act

His family emigrated to the German Empire during the Russian Revolution . Prawdin studied there and was able to achieve his first successes as a writer. He published small works of fiction, wrote literary essays in newspapers and magazines and only used the German language. He was married to Carol Renée Köhler (* 1907, +1991), daughter of Heinrich Köhler (philatelist) .

He later settled in London and from then on wrote only in English. His novel Tschingis-Chan and his heirs saw many editions and translations and made him famous.

Michael Prawdin died a few weeks before his 76th birthday on December 23, 1970 in London, where he was also laid to rest.

Works (selection)

  • Donna Juana , Queen of Castile. Habsburg inherits a world empire Diederichs, Cologne 1953 (former title: Johanna die Wahnsinnige. Habsburgs way to world empire , 1938)
  • A world falls apart. A factual novel . German publishing company, Stuttgart / Berlin 1933.
  • Tschingis-khan and his heirs. Supplemented and continued edition up to the present (1937). German publishing house, Stuttgart / Berlin 1938.
  • The unmentionable Nechaev . A key to bolshevism . Roy Books, New York 1961.
    • German: Netschajew - kept secret by Moscow. Athenäum-Verlag, Frankfurt a. M./Bonn 1961.
  • The builders of the Mogul Empire . Allen & Unwin, London 1963.
    • German: The empire out of nowhere. The first great moguls . DVA, Stuttgart 1965.
  • Marie de Rohan, duchesse de Chevreuse . Allen & Unwin, London 1971.


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