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Countries bordering the Mediterranean

The countries bordering the Mediterranean include all countries bordering the Mediterranean . The Mediterranean region has been a trading platform between southern Europe , North Africa and the Middle East since it was opened up in antiquity .

Riparian states

In the North

In the East

In the south

Euromediterranean partnership

Member States of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (EUROMED)
(blue: EU countries; red: other members)
Member States of the Union for the Mediterranean, 2008
(blue: EU27 countries; yellow: other members; striped yellow: observer)

At its Foreign Ministers' Conference in Barcelona from November 27 to 28, 1995 , the European Union launched the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership . Its aim was to promote political stability and economic development in the Mediterranean region. The economic goals should be achieved on the one hand through the creation of a free trade area in the Mediterranean region ( EU-MEFTA ) and on the other hand through the modernization of the economies in the partner countries with the help of the MEDA program .

MEDA mainly provides technical assistance financed by non-refundable grants. Support is given to economic reform in the partner countries, measures to restructure the administration and promote the democratic process ( Barcelona process , after the treaty city) in these countries.

This concept was extended to the Union for the Mediterranean on July 13, 2008 in Paris .

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