Mitumba mountains

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The Mitumba Mountains are located in the southeast of the Democratic Republic of the Congo . It rises up to 1,735 m high and is part of the Great African Rift Valley .


In the northwest and north the mountains merge into the vast Congo Basin and in the northeast into the highlands of Marungu . The Kundelungu Mountains connect to the east . To the south and west, the mountains merge into the Lundaschwelle to Angola .

Biggest rivers

The following rivers flow from the south through the mountains to the north: Lualaba - ( Congo ), Lufira , Luvua . Rise at the southern foothills: Zambezi , Kabompo , Lunga . No rivers flow to the west or east.

Biggest places

Coordinates: 8 ° 59 ′  S , 26 ° 55 ′  E