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Emperor Momozono ( Japanese 桃園 天皇 , Momozono-tennō ; * April 14, 1741 , † August 31, 1762 ) was the 116th Tennō of Japan . His proper name was Tōhito ( 遐 仁 ).


He was a son of Emperor Sakuramachi and Anekōji Sadako ( 姉 小路 定子 ). In 1747 he came to the throne to succeed his father, he ruled until his death in 1762. But the real political power in Japan was the Tokugawa - shoguns in Edo .

Momozono was married to Empress Ichijō Tomiko ( 一条 富 子 ), they had two sons. One of them was the future emperor Go-Momozono . Momozono's grave is in Tsukinowa no misasagi ( 月 輪 陵 ).

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Sakuramachi Emperor of Japan
1747 - 1762