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Monika Pischetsrieder (* 1967 ) is a German food chemist . She is the chair of the Food Chemistry Society within the Society of German Chemists .


Pischetsrieder studied food chemistry in Munich . In 1991 she passed the 1st state examination. She then worked as a research assistant in Munich until 1994 and then at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland / Ohio . In 1994 she did her dissertation with a thesis on "The Maillard reaction of disaccharides and polysaccharides and reactions of glucose in concentrated solutions" and received a position at the chair for food chemistry in Munich.

After a research stay at Columbia University , she completed her habilitation in 1999 and became a professor at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy . Since 2005 she has held the Henriette Schmidt-Burkhardt Chair for Food Chemistry at the Institute for Pharmacy and Food Chemistry .

Research priorities

One of her main areas of research is what food chemists call hedonic hyperphagia . In a study by her research group, 13,000 food ingredients were examined for the best activity against the dopamine D2 receptor and the effect of the beer ingredient hordenine was further researched.

Awards and honors (selection)

In 1996 she received the Bavarian Habilitation Award.

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