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Moritz Lilie, drawing by Georg Lilie, 1892

Moritz Eduard Lilie (born January 24, 1835 in Chemnitz , † August 11, 1904 in Hildburghausen ) was a German writer, chronicler and journalist. He also used the pseudonym ML v. Chemnitz , Moritz Rose and Woldemar Berndt .


After a childhood in Oederan , Lilie worked as a bookseller in Leipzig from 1856 . He began with his first literary attempts and studied economics.

In October 1872 Lilie Alwine married Pauline Louise Seifert (1846–1931), with whom he had two sons Georg (1873–1935) and Walter (1876–1924), both of whom were painters.

In 1873 Lilie took over the editor-in-chief of the illustrated Leipzig magazine Der Hausfreund . From 1876 he edited the Neue Sonntags-Post in Dresden . At the same time he moved there. In 1880 he moved to Kötzschenbroda , where he was the editor of the Kötzschenbrodaer Zeitung from 1882 to 1886 . During this time he moved to Niederlößnitz to Gradsteg 8, later Borstraße 38.

Lily was committed to his adopted home. He wrote the first tourist travel guide for the Loessnitz , published by the Beautification Association for the Loessnitz , as well as a chronicle of the area. Lily was in the Niederlößnitz municipal council and applied unsuccessfully for the office of the municipal council in 1892. Also in 1892, Lilie fell out with Karl May , with whom he was well known for several years, and he even sued him.

After 1886, Lily tried her hand as a freelance writer. He wrote several volumes of plays, stories and poems. When Lilie could no longer live from his writing, he went to Hildburghausen as the second editor in 1897 for the village newspaper there .


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