Mosse-Palais (1885)

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Palais Mosse seen from Leipziger Platz
Court of Honor of the Palais on Vossstrasse

The Mosse-Palais was the residence of the publisher and “newspaper king” Rudolf Mosse , built between 1881 and 1885 as a city residence , which was destroyed in an Allied air raid in 1945 . The building stood on the properties at Leipziger Platz 15 (south side) and Vossstraße 22 (north side) in the Berlin district of Mitte , and the Mosse-Palais office building of the same name was built in its place from 1996–1998 .

Building description

Anton von Werner : Sketch for the dinner of the Mosse family , 1899

The Jewish newspaper publisher Rudolf Mosse had a representative house built on the property acquired in 1881 based on a design by the Berlin architects Gustav Ebe and Julius Benda. The imposing building had a facade made of Silesian sandstone and on the front facing Leipziger Platz was provided with a relief The Elevation of the German Genius by the sculptor Max Klein . The interior of the palace was also richly decorated with art. In the dining room, there was a large mural by Anton von Werner Mosse with family and friends in 17th century style at the dinner of the Mosse family .

The unit value of the Mosse-Palais was set on January 1, 1928 at 1.725 million marks (adjusted for purchasing power in today's currency: around 6.166 million euros). Three years later, the unit value of the property had fallen to 1.053 million marks, which is probably explained by the entry of mortgages in the meantime . In 1932 there was a mortgage of 500,000 marks in favor of the Danat Bank on the Palais.

From 1934 the Berlin branch of the Academy for German Law was located in the Mosse-Palais . On May 2 and 3, 1941, the meeting of the international law committee of the Academy for German Law and the German Society for International Law and World Politics took place here.


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