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Muse stands for:

  • Muse (mythology) , one of several sisters as patron goddesses of the arts in Greek mythology
  • Muse (relationship) , a person who is stimulating and inspiring for someone
  • Muse (album) , an album by singer Grace Jones (1979)
  • Muse (band) , British rock band
  • Muse. Annual of the Museum of Art and Archeology, University of Missouri, Columbia , archaeological journal
  • Muse Records , record label
  • Muse Software , a former American software company
  • Adobe Muse , a computer program from Adobe Systems for creating websites,
  • Apache Muse , an implementation of the WS-Resource Framework (WSRF), WS-BaseNotification (WSN), and WS-DistributedManagement (WSDM) specification
  • The Muse , a film by Albert Brooks and the accompanying film music by Elton John

Muse is the name of the following geographic objects:

Muse or Muše is the family name of the following people:

  • Clarence Muse (1889–1979), American film and stage actor, writer, poet, composer, director, singer, and lawyer
  • Dan T. Muse (1882–1950), American Pentecostal clergyman
  • Dražen Muše (* 1971), German-Croatian chess player
  • Mladen Muše (* 1963), German-Croatian chess player

MUSE stands for:

MusE stands for:

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