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Pohyon Temple, Myohyang

Pohyon Temple, Myohyang

height 1909  m
location North Korea , P'yŏngan-pukto Province
Coordinates 40 ° 1 '7 "  N , 126 ° 19' 59"  E Coordinates: 40 ° 1 '7 "  N , 126 ° 19' 59"  E
Myohyang-san (North Korea)
Korean spelling
Korean alphabet : 묘향산
Hanja : 妙香山
Revised Romanization : Myohyangsan
McCune-Reischauer : Myohyang-san

The Myohyang , even Myohyangsan ( "mountain of mysterious scents"), is a mountain range in the northeast of North Korea on the border between the provinces of North Pyongan and Chagang Province . Its highest point is the summit Piro-bong, which with a height of 1,909 m is the second highest mountain in North Korea after the Paektu .

The mountains were formerly considered sacred and associated with the Dangun myth . It houses the Pohyon Temple , the largest Buddhist temple in North Korea, several hermitages and the so-called Friendship Exhibition, an exhibition of state gifts for the North Korean dictator Kim Il-sung and his son and successor Kim Jong-il .

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