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Numbering: NÖLB: R.1
Number: 1
Manufacturer: Sigl / Wiener Neustadt
Year of construction (s): 1907
Axis formula : C n2t
Gauge : 760 mm ( Bosnian gauge )
Length over coupling: 5,327 m
Width: 2.17 m
Fixed wheelbase: 1.3 m
Total wheelbase: 1.3 m
Empty mass: 8.075 t
Service mass: 11.73 t
Friction mass: 10.00 t
Top speed: 25 km / h
Driving wheel diameter: 616 mm
Control type : Stephenson
Number of cylinders: 2
Cylinder diameter: 225 mm
Piston stroke: 300 mm
Cup length: 2,150 mm
Boiler overpressure: 12 atü
Number of heating pipes: 67
Grate area: 0.40 m²
Radiant heating surface: 2.00 m²
Tubular heating surface: 19.90 m²
Evaporation heating surface: 21.90 m²
Water supply: 1.05 m³
Fuel supply: 1.06 m³
Brake: Hand spindle brake
Control: Stephenson

The NÖLB R.1 was a small steam locomotive of the Niederösterreichische Landesbahnen (NÖLB), which was presumably used in the construction of the Mariazellerbahn mountain line and as a station locomotive (e.g. for shunting ).

The machine was delivered by Sigl / Wiener Neustadt in 1907 .

In 1913 the locomotive was sold to the Josef Bruckner company in Vienna after the construction work was finished .

In May 1916 it was sold to the military. A mission in Hungary is documented in 1917 .

In 1962 it was used with the number 763 170 of the Romanian Forestry Administration CFF in Scutaru .


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