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Georg Sigl lithograph by Adolf Dauthage . 1862
Georg Sigl, lithograph by Adolf Dauthage , 1857

Georg Sigl (born January 13, 1811 in Breitenfurt (Lower Austria); † May 9, 1887 in Vienna - Währing ) was an Austrian mechanical engineer and entrepreneur.


Georg Sigl learned the metalworking trade and after traveling through Germany and Austria came to Berlin , where he built a small workshop in 1840 and a small machine factory for the construction of letterpress presses in 1844. When he founded his factory in Vienna in 1846 , he nonetheless retained his Berlin factory. The company in Vienna moved to Währinger Strasse in 1851; steam locomotives were also manufactured there from 1857. At the beginning of the 1870s, the first two compressionless two-stroke engines were built based on the designs of the mechanic and automobile pioneer Siegfried Marcus (not to be confused with the two four-stroke engines from 1887 and 1888, stationary engine and engine of the second Marcus car, both in the Technical Museum Vienna ). Machine tools, paper machines, steam engines, agricultural equipment and steam boilers were also manufactured.

In 1861 Sigl leased the Günther locomotive factory in Wiener Neustadt , which had passed into the possession of the Austrian Credit Institute the year before ; In 1867 this factory became his property. He participated in numerous other companies, for example, he manufactured oil presses, ship machines, water retention machines , arsenal equipment and support structures (including the roof structure for the Votive Church in Vienna).

In 1872 the "Sigl street locomotive" drove on a trial basis as a towing vehicle on the streets of Vienna with great attention from the contemporary press.

As a result of the stock market crash of 1873, Sigl had to give up all of his companies, with the exception of the Viennese factory, in which only general mechanical engineering was used. This included the Wiener Neustädter Lokomotivfabrik , which was converted into a stock corporation.


On February 11, 1870 Sigl became an honorary citizen of Vienna and in the same year of Wiener Neustadt ; this year was the 1,000th in his company. Locomotive completed. In 1888 the Georg-Sigl-Gasse in Vienna- Alsergrund (9th district) was named after him.

In 2011 the Austrian Post issued a special postage stamp on the occasion of his 200th birthday.


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