Nights of Horror (1916)

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Original title Nights of horror
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 1916
length 56 minutes
Director Arthur Robison
script Arthur Robison
production Lu Synd

Nights of Horror is a German horror and crime silent film from 1916 by Arthur Robison with Lu Synd and Werner Krauss in the leading roles.


Little is known about the content. At the center of the action is an extremely jealous artist who slips into a monkey costume and kills all those men who get too close to his wife, an artist.

Production notes

Nights of Horror was filmed in the second half of 1916, censored in December 1916 and, depending on the source, was premiered on February 7th or 9th, 1917 in the Motivhaus. The four-act film was 1120 meters long. A youth ban has been issued.

Nights of horror is often declared the “first vampire film”, especially in English-language sources. However, judging from the minimal synopsis in The Early German Cinema Database, this does not seem to be the case.

Nights of Horror was not Robison's directorial debut, as is often read, but his second film direction. He also made his debut in 1916 with another Lu Synd film, The Next Wife .

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