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The Berg dominion , based in Berg , today a district of Ehingen in the Alb-Danube district in Baden-Württemberg , belonged to the Counts of Berg-Schelklingen , which are first passed down around 1110/1120.

Nothing is left of the Berg bei Ehingen castle , which was built by the Counts of Berg and was the seat of the manor.

In 1112 the Bohemian prince Vladislav I married the Rixa (Richenza) von Berg , daughter of the Swabian Count Heinrich von Berg. Her sister Salomea von Berg was with Duke Bolesław III. Wedged wrymouth of Poland.

Through the marriage of Count Heinrich III. von Berg with Adelheid, Walter von Schelklingen's heir, came into the possession of the Schelklingen rule around 1210 .

see Schelklingen in the Middle Ages

In 1343 the Berg rule came to Austria .

In 1732, the Counts Schenk von Castell received the lordship as a fief . As part of the mediatization in 1806, the Berg rule came under the sovereignty of Württemberg .

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