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The foolish hit parade was a music competition of the WDR from 1975 to 2008, in which the best carnival song was sought. The winner was awarded a gold microphone, the second and third place a silver and bronze one. The participating groups were suggested by the listeners of WDR 4 . The jury selected 24 groups from these proposals, which competed in two preliminary rounds at WDR 4. After the audience had voted, there was a semifinal on WDR4. The six best groups reached the final, which was broadcast on WDR. Here, too, the audience voted on the winner. Points distributed by a jury were also included in the evaluation.

In the show, the Bläck Fööss , the Höhner and the Paveier also took their first steps. The final broadcast has been moderated by Gisbert Baltes and Marita Köllner since 2000 . Until 2003 the final broadcast was broadcast from various locations in North Rhine-Westphalia , later only from the WDR studios in Cologne-Bocklemünd.

The last foolish hit parade took place in 2008. WDR entertainment director Axel Beyer said: “Given the inflation of casting shows, the hit parade principle has outlived itself. But we are continuously working on giving the carnival youngsters a platform in our program. "


date in golden microphone silver microphone bronze microphone
1976 Ratingen ? ? ?
1996 Cologne Schlabberl Bib with Helau foxes ?
January 21, 2000 Roadstead Colör with Kölsche Junge Münsterland duo with Marieche danz ?
2001 Dusseldorf The eggs with carnival in the bullpen Hätzblatt with Et Knuutsch-Leed Three directives
February 4, 2002 Cologne- Bocklemünd Hätzblatt with a beautiful roof The Uissen with our Hermann Cölln Girls
February 7, 2003 Emsdetten The country eggs with Ick can't do anything Cölln Girls ?
February 16, 2004 Duisburg Heinz Hülshoff with Show me your thumb Klaus and the Weser Guard with In heaven the devil is going on Cölln Girls
January 30, 2005 Cologne Old shot with Et es like et es Fire brigade music train Luchem marching with water Jürgen Wunderlich with a small piece of Cologne
February 26, 2006 Cologne-Bocklemünd Altreucher with Hahnepooz Jürgen Wunderlich with Nä wat is dat beautiful De Fröngde with Die Mädchen he vum Rhing
February 18, 2007 Cologne-Bocklemünd De Fetzer with Always when you stand in front of m'r Loss mer fiere Rubbedidub with Eimol in the Levve
February 3, 2008 Cologne-Bocklemünd Hätzblatt with Nordic Walking Kölsche Bengels with awl Kölsche Leeder Siene puttkers with Lisbeth


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