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The Nassau Central Study Fund is a public law foundation . The state supervision takes the Hessian Ministry true. The Foundation supports education in Hesse on the territory of the former Duchy of Nassau and awards, among other scholarships . Around € 750,000 can be distributed each year. Today, the fund's assets essentially consist of agricultural and forestry land as well as some plots of land with buildings.

The foundation was created in 1817 by a decree by Duke Wilhelm I. For this purpose, 15 previously independent school funds and foundations for public education were combined.

Surname founding Capital 1816 Interest income 1816 territory Denomination
Konrektorsfonds zu Dillenburg 1699 219 11 Nassau-Dillenburg reformed
Fund of the Academie zu Herborn 1584 125445 9958 Nassau-Dillenburg reformed
Fund of the school seminar in Dillenburg 1777 16798 4300 Nassau-Dillenburg reformed
Winter legacy fund for schools 1781 1594 78 Nassau-Dillenburg reformed
Fund of the Merzian Legacy 1546 192 10 Nassau-Dillenburg reformed
Old and new Latin school fund in Dillenburg 1811 4575 815 Nassau-Dillenburg reformed
Hadamari School Fund 1630 73296 2832 Nassau-Hadamar (Nassau-Weilburg) Catholic
Gnadenthal School Fund 1235 100851 2264 Nassau-Dillenburg reformed
Diezer Stiftsfonds 1289 45072 6979 Nassau-Dillenburg reformed
Dillenburg lottery fund 1768 16300 798 Nassau-Dillenburg reformed
Klarenthal Monastery Fund in Wiesbaden 1298 37449 11423 Nassau-Usingen Lutheran
Presence fund at Idstein 1340 51260 2476 Nassau-Usingen Lutheran
School improvement fund to Idstein 1779 39480 2397 Nassau-Usingen Lutheran
Doctions fund to Montabaur 1494 28177 4300 Kurtrier (Nassau-Weilburg) Catholic
Spiritual Walburgis donation fund in Weilburg 912 82570 4047 Nassau-Weilburg Lutheran

The summary took place across denominations, i. H. Catholic and Protestant funds were merged. This was in connection with the introduction of the simultaneous school in the same Nassau school edict. In 1844 the income from the fund amounted to 57,000 guilders , of which about 10,000 guilders came from former Catholic funds.

The income from the fund and additional budget funds made up the duchy's school budget. From these funds, among other things, the scholarships were paid to the students who studied at the University of Göttingen in accordance with the state treaty concluded with the Kingdom of Hanover on October 28, 1817 (see also Nassauer ).

The Nassau Central Study Fund provides today:

  • Grants at grammar schools and comprehensive schools for the procurement of equipment to improve the quality of teaching (currently € 500,000 annually)
  • Granting of scholarships to students born on the territory of the former Duchy of Nassau
  • Reimbursement of boarding costs for (Nassau) students at the " Schloss Hansenberg " boarding school in Geisenheim
  • Construction maintenance of certain Protestant rectories and church buildings


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