Hessian Ministry of Culture

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Hessian Ministry of Culture

Hessian state government
State level State authority
position Ministry
Headquarters Luisenplatz 10
Authority management Alexander Lorz
Servants 243 (2013)
Web presence kultusministerium.hessen.de
Entrance of the building in Wiesbaden

The Hessian Ministry of Culture , or HKM for short , is the Ministry of Culture of the State of Hesse . State Minister Alexander Lorz ( CDU ) heads the house as a member of the Hessian state government .


The main tasks of the Hessian Ministry of Culture are:

The ministry had around 243 employees in 2013. A further 7,445 employees worked in the subordinate authorities and 49,837 employees worked directly in the schools. This makes the culture department by far the most labor- intensive in the Hessian state administration.

School inspection

The Ministry of Education is the highest school supervisory authority. These include 15 regional school offices as the lower school supervisory authority, which exercises technical and official supervision over the schools. The aim of the school supervision is to ensure the quality of the school work, the comparability of the qualifications and the permeability of the educational programs. Furthermore, the state school office advises the schools and controls the quality development of the schools.



In addition to the ministerial office, the ministry consists of 4 departments with the following assignments:

  1. Department Z: Human Resources, Law, Organization, E-Government
  2. Department I: Quality development, all-day schools, cross-school educational tasks, supervision of the Hessian teacher academy
  3. Department II: budget, client management, statistics, regional school development, supervision of the state school offices
  4. Department III: General (A) and vocational (B) schools, international education and schooling, lifelong learning

Subordinate authorities

The Hessian State Office for Advanced Technology Education - Dr. Frank Niethammer Institute - is also subordinate to the Ministry .

State supervision

The Ministry of Culture oversees the state of the following foundations :

Field Office

The Hessian Ministry of Culture is located in a historic building at Luisenplatz 10 in Wiesbaden. The building was erected in 1831 as a school building for the pedagogy founded in 1817. In 1933 the building was used by the administration of the Reich Labor Service and the SA.

After the Second World War, the building was used as the Hessian Ministry of Culture from 1949. Today it is a listed building.


Minister of State Alexander Lorz (2013)
minister Term of office
Franz Bohm 1945-1946
Franz Schramm 1946-1947
Erwin Stein 1947-1950
Ludwig Metzger 1951-1953
Arno Hennig 1953-1959
Ernst Schütte 1959-1969
Ludwig von Friedeburg 1969-1974
Hans Krollmann 1974-1984
Karl Schneider 1984-1987
Christean Wagner 1987-1991
Hartmut Holzapfel 1991-1999
Karin Wolff 1999-2008
Jürgen Banzer 2008–2009 (entrusted with the management)
Dorothea Henzler 2009–2012
Nicola Beer 2012-2014
Alexander Lorz since 2014

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