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Coat of arms of the Hessian state government
Hessian State Chancellery in Wiesbaden , seat of the state government

The Hessian state government is the government of the state of Hesse . The current state government , formed by the CDU and Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen , began its work on January 18, 2019. The Prime Minister is the lawyer Volker Bouffier , who comes from Gießen , for the other members of the government see the article Bouffier III cabinet . Government spokesman is State Secretary Michael Bußer .

According to Article 101 of the Constitution of the State of Hesse (HV), the Prime Minister is elected by the Hessian State Parliament. The other members of the state government, the ministers, are appointed by the Prime Minister. They need the special confidence of the state parliament, which is given to them by resolution (Art. 101 IV HV). According to Article 111, the Prime Minister takes his oath of office before the State Parliament, the ministers before the Prime Minister in the presence of the State Parliament. The legal relationships of the members of the government are regulated in the law on the remuneration of the members of the state government of July 27, 1993.

The official seat of the Prime Minister and the meeting place of the state government is the Hessian State Chancellery , which has resided in the former Hotel Rose on Kranzplatz in Wiesbaden since 2004 . The State Chancellery was previously based in a villa on Bierstadter Strasse not far from Warmen Damm and Wilhelmstrasse . Before the Second World War, the state government of the then people's state of Hesse had its seat in Darmstadt .

Hessian state governments until 1918

Before the November Revolution of 1918, the Grand Duke was the Hessian head of state. He appointed after the constitution of 1820 , members of the state government and put the two chambers (of which only the members of the second set were) existing country stands before the bills. The state government (“total ministry”) was headed by a president, but only as head of government, not as head of state.

Official Term of office Remarks
Karl von Grolman 1821-1829
Karl you Thil 1829-1848
Heinrich von Gagern 1848 Prime Minister for three months during the March Revolution , member of the Frankfurt National Assembly
Carl Wilhelm Zimmermann 1848 In the summer of 1848 in office for a few weeks
Heinrich Karl Jaup 1848-1850 Member of the Committee of Seventeen and the Frankfurt National Assembly
Reinhard Carl Friedrich von Dalwigk 1852-1871 Under Grand Duke Ludwig III. , Dismissed in 1871 under pressure from Prussia
Friedrich von Lindelof 1871-1872 Under Grand Duke Ludwig III.
Karl Wilhelm Hofmann 1872-1876 Under Grand Duke Ludwig III.
Philipp Freiherr Rinck gen. Starck 1876-1879 Under Grand Duke Ludwig III, after his death in 1877 under Grand Duke Ludwig IV.
Jakob Finger 1884-1898 Under Grand Duke Ludwig IV, after his death in 1892 under Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig
Carl Rothe 1898-1906 Under Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig
Christian Wilhelm Carl Ewald 1906-1918 Under Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig, until the November Revolution

In addition to the Grand Duchy, there were two other Hessian states until 1866, the Electorate of Hesse- Kassel and the Landgraviate of Hesse-Homburg .

State governments of the People's State of Hesse

During the time of the People's State of Hesse (1919 to 1945), the Hessian Prime Minister carried the official title of State President in accordance with Article 37 of the Hessian Constitution , the cabinet the title of “General Ministry”. As today, the government was elected by the Hessian state parliament.

After the seizure of power by the National Socialists, state governments were in favor of the regional branches of the NSDAP ( " Reichsgaue largely disempowered").

State and Prime Ministers of the People's State of Hesse were:

President cabinet Parties involved Term of office Remarks
Carl Ulrich ( SPD ) Cabinet Ulrich I SPD, DDP , center 1919-19
Carl Ulrich (SPD) Cabinet Ulrich II SPD, DDP, center 1919-1927 President from 1920
Carl Ulrich (SPD) Cabinet Ulrich III SPD, DDP, center 1927-1928
Bernhard Adelung (SPD) Cabinet Adelung SPD, DDP, center 1928-33 President
Ferdinand Werner ( NSDAP ) Cabinet Werner NSDAP 1933 Elected president, then appointed prime minister
Philipp Wilhelm Jung (NSDAP) Cabinet Jung NSDAP 1933-35 Prime Minister
Jakob Sprenger (NSDAP) Cabinet Sprenger NSDAP 1935-45 As Reich Governor at the same time leader of the state government

Hessian state governments since 1945

Since the founding of today's state of Hesse, seven different parties have been involved in Hessian state governments. From 1945 to 1987 and 1991–1999 the SPD led the respective state governments, 1987–91 and since 1999 the CDU. Since 1945 nine politicians have held the office of Hessian Prime Minister, five of them belonged to the SPD and three to the CDU, one was non-party. Georg-August Zinn (SPD) was Prime Minister for 19 years, making him the incumbent with the longest period of service to date.

Tarek Al-Wazir Jörg-Uwe Hahn Volker Bouffier Karin Wolff Ruth Wagner Rupert von Plottnitz Joschka Fischer Wolfgang Gerhardt Hans Krollmann Ekkehard Gries Heinz Herbert Karry Johannes Strelitz Albert Osswald Heinrich Schneider Gotthard Franke Heinrich Zinnkann Werner Hilpert Volker Bouffier Roland Koch Hans Eichel Walter Wallmann Holger Börner Albert Osswald Georg August Zinn Christian Stock Karl Geiler

The first two Prime Ministers after the end of the war, Ludwig Bergstrasse ( SPD ) and Karl Geiler ( non-party ), were not elected but were appointed by the American occupation forces. The first state election after the war took place on December 1, 1946.

Prime Minister cabinet Parties involved Term of office
Karl Geiler Hornier SPD , CDU , KPD , non-party 1945-46
Christian Stock floor SPD, CDU 1946 -50
Georg-August Zinn Tin I SPD 1950 -54
Tin II SPD, GB / BHE 1954 -58
Tin III 1958 -62
Tin IV SPD, GDP 1962 -66
Tin V SPD 1966 -69 (resignation)
Albert Osswald Osswald I 1969-70
Osswald II SPD, FDP 1970 -74
Osswald III 1974 - 76 (resignation)
Holger Borner Borner I 1976-78
Borner II 1978 -84
Borner III SPD, Greens 1984 -87
Walter Wallmann Wallmann CDU, FDP 1987 -91
Hans Eichel Acorn i SPD, Greens 1991 -95
Glans II 1995 -99
Roland Koch Cook I. CDU, FDP 1999 -2003
Cook II CDU 2003 -2009
Cook III CDU, FDP 2009 - 2010 (resignation)
Volker Bouffier Bouffier I. 2010-2014
Bouffier II CDU, Greens 2014-2019
Bouffier III since 2019

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Anti-Semitism Officer

Until 2019, the anti-Semitism commissioner of the Hessian state government was Felix Semmelroth , his successor is Uwe Becker .

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