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The state government of after German reunification in 1990 on the basis of countries Law introducing country reformed Saxony-Anhalt is in accordance with Article 64, paragraph 1 of the Constitution of the State of Saxony-Anhalt from the prime minister and the ministers .

The Prime Minister determines the policies of the state government and is responsible for them. He manages the business of the state government in accordance with the rules of procedure . The Minister-President is elected by the state parliament of Saxony-Anhalt in a secret ballot without debate. The ministers are appointed and dismissed by the Prime Minister. The prime minister appoints a minister as his deputy.

State governments from 1946 to 1952

Prime Minister involved parties Period cabinet
Erhard Hübener ( LDP ) LDP, KPD , SPD, SED 1945-1946 Cabinet Hübener I
LDP, SED, CDU 1946-1949 Cabinet Hübener II
Werner Bruschke (SED) SED, LDP, CDU, NDPD 1949-1950 Cabinet Bruschke I
SED, CDU, LDP, NDPD, DBD 1950-1952 Cabinet Bruschke II

By law of July 23, 1952, the state of Saxony-Anhalt was dissolved and its territory was divided into the new districts of Halle and Magdeburg .

State governments since 1990

Claudia Dalbert Petra Grimm-Benne Jens Bullerjahn Horst Rehberger Gerlinde Kuppe Heidrun Heidecke Wolfgang Rauls Gerd Brunner Reiner Haseloff Wolfgang Böhmer Reinhard Höppner Christoph Bergner Werner Münch Gerd Gies

Due to state elections and government reshuffles, the following cabinets have been in office in the state of Saxony-Anhalt, which was restored in 1990 :

Prime Minister Ruling parties Period cabinet
Gerd Gies ( CDU ) CDU , FDP 1990-1991 Cabinet Gies
Werner Münch (CDU) CDU, FDP 1991-1993 Münch cabinet
Christoph Bergner (CDU) CDU, FDP 1993-1994 Bergner cabinet
Reinhard Höppner ( SPD ) SPD , Greens 1994-1998 Cabinet Höppner I
SPD 1998-2002 Cabinet Höppner II
Wolfgang Böhmer (CDU) CDU, FDP 2002-2006 Cabinet Böhmer I
CDU, SPD 2006-2011 Cabinet Böhmer II
Reiner Haseloff (CDU) CDU, SPD 2011-2016 Cabinet Haseloff I
CDU, SPD, Greens since 2016 Cabinet Haseloff II
  1. ^ The state governments of the 2nd and 3rd electoral periods of the state parliament (1994 to 2002 ) led by Prime Minister Reinhard Höppner (SPD) were minority governments that were tolerated by the state parliament fraction of the PDS .

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