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Werner Münch

Werner Münch (born September 25, 1940 in Kirchhellen ) is a German political scientist , former politician ( CDU ) and personnel and management consultant . From 1973 to 1978 he was the rector of the Catholic University of Applied Sciences in Northern Germany . From 1984 to 1990 he was a member of the European Parliament . From 1990 to 1991 he was the first finance minister and from 1991 to 1993 Prime Minister of Saxony-Anhalt .


Period soldier and studies

After graduating from high school in Salzgitter in 1961 , Münch was a temporary soldier in the Bundeswehr for six years (1961–1967) ; today he is a lieutenant colonel in the reserve. He studied political science , sociology and history at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg . In 1970 he obtained his Magister Artium . From 1970 to 1972 he was a research assistant at the University of Osnabrück . In 1974 he was promoted to Dr. phil. PhD.

University professor

From 1972 he was professor of political science and sociology at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences in North Germany , a state-recognized university of applied sciences for social affairs, in Vechta / Osnabrück . From 1973 to 1978 he was rector of the institution and president of the rectors' conference of church universities of applied sciences .

From 2006 to 2008, Münch taught political sociology at the Gustav Siewerth Academy (GSA) in Weilheim-Bierbronnen. In the winter semester 2007 he was, alongside Alma von Stockhausen , prorector of this private university.

European and national politicians

Werner Münch (third from left), 1990

He was deputy chairman of the regional association of the CDU Oldenburg and a member of the board of the CDU in Lower Saxony .

From 1984 to 1990 Münch was an MEP of the Group of the European People's Party in the European Parliament . He was a member of the Committee on Youth, Culture, Education, Information (or Media) and Sport and the Committee on Energy, Research and Technology. He was also a member of the Central American Relationship Delegation and Contadora Group .

From 1991 to 1993 he was the chairman of the Saxony-Anhalt CDU regional association . From 1990 to 1991 he was Minister of Finance for the State of Saxony-Anhalt. On July 4, 1991, Münch succeeded Gerd Gies as Prime Minister with a black and yellow cabinet. The so-called spying affair also falls during his term of office. A parliamentary committee of inquiry in the state parliament of Saxony-Anhalt also dealt with this matter . On November 28, 1993 Werner Münch announced his resignation in connection with the salary affair .

Münch was accused by the subsequent Red-Green government of wrongly receiving too much salary in Saxony-Anhalt. After the administrative court of Magdeburg in the first instance reclaimed part of his salary, this decision was revoked by the higher administrative court of the state of Saxony-Anhalt , which determined that he had received his income lawfully. In parallel criminal proceedings before the Magdeburg Regional Court , he was acquitted of the charge of fraud .


On February 25, 2009, Münch resigned from the CDU and justified this with "lack of profile on the part of the CDU in federal politics", "the chairmen waving their way in important policy areas to satisfy their coalition partner", Angela Merkel's primary interest in "stabilizing her own position of power" and Merkel's inappropriate public criticism of Pope Benedict XVI.

Werner Münch is a member of the Catholic Church and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Forum of German Catholics . In 2010, Münch was also the first signatory of the Stop Link Trend campaign .

HR and business consultants

From 1997 to 1998 he worked as a personnel and management consultant. In 1998 he became a member of the board of directors of Deutsche Bahn AG at the European Union in Brussels. Since 2001 he has worked as a consultant in Bulgaria , from 2001 to 2004 for the local ministry of economy and finance (area of ​​responsibility for EU accession), and since 2005 in Azerbaijan .


On lecture tours, including for the “Association for Christian Education and Schools” in South Tyrol, Münch warns of “ gender ideology ”, gay marriage and feminism .

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