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The Saxon state government is led by a prime minister who is secretly elected by the Saxon state parliament . The seat of the government is the Saxon State Chancellery in Dresden's government district in the Inner Neustadt .

The CDU has been by far the strongest party in Saxony since German reunification and has been the prime minister ever since. Kurt Biedenkopf ruled from 1990 to April 2002 in a single CDU government . He was followed by Georg Milbradt , who after the 2004 election entered into a black-red coalition with the SPD . After Milbradt's resignation in May 2008, Stanislaw Tillich took over the office of Prime Minister and continued the CDU-SPD coalition until the 2009 state elections . In the following five years, Tillich ruled in a black-yellow coalition together with the FDP , until it failed in the subsequent state elections in the summer of 2014 because of the five percent hurdle and Tillich re-entered a CDU-SPD coalition. In December 2017, Tillich resigned from office due to the low election results of the CDU for the 2017 federal election and Michael Kretschmer was elected as the new Prime Minister. In the state election in 2019 both coalition parties significant losses suffered. After lengthy coalition negotiations, Alliance 90 / The Greens joined the government to form a so-called Kenya coalition . More than 3½ months after the state elections, Michael Kretschmer was re-elected Prime Minister.

Martin Dulig Wolfram Günther Martin Dulig Sven Morlok Thomas Jurk Karl Mannsfeld (Politiker) Hans Geisler (Politiker) Heinz Eggert Rudolf Krause (Politiker, 1939) Michael Kretschmer Stanislaw Tillich Georg Milbradt Kurt Biedenkopf

Acting state government

Former Governments

Weimar Republic 1918–1933

Prime Minister involved parties Period cabinet
Richard Lipinski (USPD) USPD, SPD 1918-1919 Lipinski's cabinet
Georg Gradnauer (SPD) SPD 1919 Gradnauer I cabinet
SPD, DDP 1919-1920 Gradnauer II cabinet
Wilhelm Buck (SPD) SPD, DDP 1920 Cabinet Buck I
SPD, USPD, DDP 1920-1922 Cabinet Buck II
SPD 1922-1923 Cabinet Buck III
Erich Zeigner (SPD) SPD, KPD 1923 Cabinet Zeigner
Alfred Fellisch (SPD) SPD 1923-1924 Cabinet Fellisch
Max Heldt (SPD / ASPS) SPD / ASPS, DDP, DVP 1924-1927 Cabinet Heldt I
ASPS, DDP, DVP, WP 1927 Cabinet Heldt II
ASPS, DDP, DVP, DNVP, WP, People's Law 1927-1929 Cabinet Heldt III
Wilhelm Bünger (DVP) DVP, DNVP, WP, ASPS, non-party 1929-1930 Cabinet Bünger
Walther Schieck (DVP) DVP, DDP, non-party 1930-1933 Schieck's cabinet

Period of National Socialism 1933–1945

Prime Minister involved parties Period cabinet
Manfred von Killinger (NSDAP) NSDAP, non-party 1933-1935 Cabinet Killinger
Martin Mutschmann (NSDAP) NSDAP, non-party 1935-1945 Mutschmann's cabinet

Soviet occupation zone and German Democratic Republic 1945–1952

Prime Minister involved parties Period cabinet
Rudolf Friedrichs (SPD / SED) SPD, KPD, CDU, LDP, non-party;
from 17 Sep 1945 SED, CDU, LDP
1945-1946 Cabinet of Frederick I
SED, CDU, LDP 1946-1947 Cabinet of Frederick II
Max Seydewitz (SED) SED, CDU, LDP, DBD 1947-1950 Cabinet Seydewitz I
SED, CDU, LDP, DBD, NDPD, FDGB 1950-1952 Cabinet Seydewitz II

Federal Republic of Germany since 1990

Prime Minister involved parties Period cabinet
Kurt Biedenkopf (CDU) CDU 1990-1994 Cabinet Biedenkopf I
1994-1999 Cabinet Biedenkopf II
1999-2002 Cabinet Biedenkopf III
Georg Milbradt (CDU) CDU 2002-2004 Cabinet Milbradt I
CDU, SPD 2004-2008 Cabinet Milbradt II
Stanislaw Tillich (CDU) CDU, SPD 2008-2009 Cabinet Tillich I
CDU, FDP 2009-2014 Cabinet Tillich II
CDU, SPD 2014-2017 Cabinet Tillich III
Michael Kretschmer (CDU) CDU, SPD 2017-2019 Cabinet Kretschmer I
CDU, Greens, SPD since 2019 Cabinet Kretschmer II

Former government member since 1990

  • Saxon State Ministry of Finance
    • 1990-2001 Georg Milbradt (CDU)
    • 2001–2002 Thomas de Maizière (CDU)
    • 2002-2007 Horst Metz (CDU)
    • 2007-2008 Stanislaw Tillich (CDU)
    • 2008-2017 Georg Unland (CDU)
    • 2017–2019 Matthias Haß (CDU)
  • Saxon State Ministry for Agriculture, Food and Forests (until 1998)
  • Saxon State Ministry for the Environment and Regional Development (until 1998)
    • 1990–1991 Karl Weise (CDU)
    • 1991–1998 Arnold Vaatz (CDU)
  • Saxon State Ministry for Environment and Agriculture (from 1998)
    • 1998–1999 Rolf Jähnichen (CDU)
    • 1999-2004 Steffen Flath (CDU)
    • 2004-2007 Stanislaw Tillich (CDU)
    • 2007-2008 Roland Wöller (CDU)
    • 2008-2014 Frank Kupfer (CDU)

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